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No registration is required to purchase on the website

Buy example

To put a product in your shopping cart, simply click on the link "La nostra produzione" and then on the photo of the desired product . In the page that opens enter the number of items you wish to purchase and then click on the button "Buy".

Once you have finished shopping, just click on the link "Your order", to choose the form of payment, fill in the fields of the invoice (and those of the delivery only if they are different from the invoice address) and click the button "Order" to send the order.

You will receive shortly an email that requests the confirmation of the order placed.


Terms of sale

La Fabbrica del Miele
di Alfredo Vallini

Via Bernini, 155
55045 Pietrasanta (LU)
VAT 02186120461
Tax Code VLLLRD58M25E290Q
Mobile. 335 8349398

General conditions
All prices on the website are inclusive of VAT, the shipping costs are specified in the order form and there are no additional charges.
There is no minimum order. To place an order on this site you must be of legal age.
On the website all users, both private and corporate, can buy.
The Fabbrica del Miele is not responsible for damage or loss, direct and/or indirect, arising from the sale of the items offered in the online catalogue.
The same applies to delayed and/or lack of delivery of the product, or for any other circumstances not directly imputable to La Fabbrica del Miele.

Confirmation of orders
For every order you place on our website, you will receive a communication via email that will confirm the receipt of the order, summarize the details of it, and in case of payment by bank transfer, it will indicate the necessary data.
If you do not receive such emails, please check that it has not been blocked by your anti-spam system, or get in contact with us at
The shipment of the goods will be made only after your phone call or email confirmation of the order.

Products delivery
The shipping of the ordered items will be done as soon as possible, normally within 3-4 working days (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded), if this is not possible, for example due to products that are temporarily out of stock, or in the event that your data is incomplete, you will be informed via email or phone.
The delivery will normally be made in the middle of the day (10.00 - 18.00). You can not request a specific delivery time, an appointment, or to be notified by the carrier before the delivery.
No responsibility can be charged to La Fabbrica del Miele in case of delay in the delivery by the courier.
At the moment of receipt, check that the status of packing and goods is intact.
Any disputes should be communicated immediately to the above address.
For each shipment two free attempts of delivery are made. If in both cases the addressee is absent, he will be able to pick up the shipment at the post office indicated by the courier (free stocking for 7 working days, including Saturday).

Shipping costs
Shipments can be made to any country in the world. The conditions below apply for Italy: for shipments to other countries, there may be variations in delivery times and shipping costs, which shall be communicated in the email order confirmation.
Shipments are made in Italy by the Italian Paccocelere 1 of Poste italiane with the following rates:

Weight Shipping Cost Delivery
from 0 to 3 Kg € 11.90 1 work day for most city of Italy and 2 days for Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia
from 3 to 10 Kg € 15.90 1 work day for most city of Italy and 2 days for Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia
from 10 to 20 Kg € 17.90 1 work day for most city of Italy and 2 days for Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia
from 20 to 30 Kg € 19.90 1 work day for most city of Italy and 2 days for Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia

For COD shipments add on delivery "diritto di contrassegno" requested by the Italian Post , amounting to € 5.00

For shipments weighing more than the maximum allowed by Paccocelere 1 or for overseas shipments, the shipping costs will be calculated at the time of order confirmation.

In the case that the pick-up was never made due to negligence of the customer, or other reasons not attributable to our company, with consequent return to the sender of the goods, we will ask for reimbursement of the return value equal to 23,80 €.

The orders placed with payment through Postepay, cash on delivery, Paypal will be processed immediately.
The orders placed with payment by bank transfer will go into production only after receiving the effective credit (3- 4 working days).

Methods of payment

The payment information will also show in the e-mail order confirmation.
If you have an account BancoPostaOnline, or a bank account with Home Banking system, you can directly carry out the payment through discount or postagiro directly from Internet, in a simple, immediate and economical way.

If you decide to cancel an order before it has been processed , the entire paid sum will be credited back to you; but if you cancel it after the shipment (see Returns Policy, below) you will be credited back the amount excluding postage expenses.

Right of withdrawal
According to the law n. 185/99 you have the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty and without specifying the reason within 10 working days from the day you receive the products. In order to exercise your right of cancellation you must notify us of your decision by email, and then return the products in the original packaging and accompanied by the receipt. The shipment to the sender is your responsibility. Do not send back the COD deliveries as they will not be accepted. As soon as we receive the products we will reimburse the sums paid, excluding shipping costs.
If the ordered goods are not collected and returned to the sender in any case you will be required to pay postage expenses we supported for shipping and for the return of the package.
Opened or partially used products are excluded from the right of withdrawal.


Alfredo Vallini
Via Bernini, 155
55045 - Pietrasanta (LU)

VAT 02186120461
Tax Code VLLLRD58M25E290Q
Mobile 335 8349398
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